Pastoral Care at Holy Cross is about loving one another in the midst of life’s challenges and life’s celebrations. Whether you’re having a baby, are sick or grieving, or experiencing any other life change, we know you need to be loved and cared for by your wider church family and the Lord.

Pastoral Care at Holy Cross is led by our clergy but many others serve in this vital ministry as well. At Holy Cross, Life Group members care for one another. Everyone might participate in providing meals for new parents. We have a team of encouragers who make home visits and one who writes cards of encouragement. There are plenty of ways to serve in the area of Pastoral Care. Please talk to your campus pastor to get involved.

Let us know your needs. At a church the size of Holy Cross, it’s often difficult to know when someone has a pastoral need. We believe that it’s an important part of our common life together to walk with each other through these life events.

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