Co:Mission Golf Tournament


At Holy Cross, we believe God is sending us out to love the world. The “Three Go’s” — Go home, go out, and go off — are how we understand our common mission as Jesus’ disciples. 

On Oct. 2-3, our CO:Mission Weekend - which is a play on Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 8 — will celebrate and support God’s saving mission in the world. 

In partnership locally and internationally, Holy Cross members are feeding the hungry, caring for orphans, rescuing the enslaved, and equipping the church.

Join us for a fun-filled, purposeful CO:Mission Weekend as we raise money to support our mission teams and mission partners as they share the love of Christ with the world. 

Join individually or put together a team for some fun-filled, good-natured COmpetition. Registration fee of $125 per single-player and $500 per foursome includes greens fees, lunch, and the awards ceremony spread. Additionally, registration for the Golf Tournament includes a coupon code for one ticket to Sunday’s CO:Mission Dinner and Festival the preceding afternoon. 

Registration closed on Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Tanya Bevis