We feature two different tracks for piano lessons: a classical approach and a pop-chord approach.

Classical piano lessons will focus on the traditional way of reading scored music and are great for students with an interest in classical style music, as well as young beginners whose hands are developing, and those with specific goals that require reading complex scored music.

The pop-chord approach will focus on learning how to read chord charts, improvise, and understand chord theory. For students who envision themselves singing while they play (think Alicia Keys or Elton John), this is a great approach to take, as it leaves the melody with the student's vocal and teaches students how to read and improvise through the underlying chords. It is also a great approach for students who are interested in playing keys in a rock/pop band or a contemporary worship team. However, because of the physical challenges of full chords, we recommend students be 7-8 years old before starting this approach.

Some lessons may overlap a bit into both of these, but for the most part our instructors tend to specialize in one or the other. And no, it is not necessary to have a classical background to try the pop-chord approach!

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