Daniel Island

ONES: TUES/THURS$290.00$2,610.00
TWOS: MON/WED/FRI$455.00$4,095.00
TWOS: TUES/THURS$305.00$2,745.00

THREES: MON/WED/FRI$455.00$4,095.00$245.00$2,205.00
THREES: MON-THURS$580.00$5,220.00$280.00$2,520.00
FOURS: MON-THURS$580.00$5,220.00$280.00$2,520.00
FOURS: MON-FRI$600.00$5,400.00$300.00$2,700.00

Registration begins the second Monday in January and is open to all. There is no fee to complete an application. HIS School does not discriminate against prospective students/families on the basis of race, religion, gender or income. Priority placement is given first to returning students and siblings of returning students, second to Church of the Holy Cross members, third to the returning wait list, and fourth to the general public. To receive priority placement, you must register during the first two weeks of open enrollment. After placing the returning students and their siblings, remaining openings will be filled by church members, returning wait list, and then offered to the general public. If at any point there are more applicants than openings a lottery will be used to decide placement. The director of HIS School has the discretion to balance the classes by gender.  

Parents will be notified via e-mail of their child/children's class placement by the end of February. It is at this time that a registration fee equal to one month’s tuition must be paid in order to secure your child’s place in the programs.  

Classroom / Extended Day Placement Changes: There will be a $25 fee assessed after August 1 for any changes in your child's placement to cover administrative costs.

The registration fee (equal to 1 month tuition) must be paid in full in order to reserve your child’s place in the program. This non-refundable fee does not apply to tuition. Please do not submit payment for registration fees until you have been notified by email of your child’s placement.

If you are currently enrolled, please note that in February, February tuition and the registration fee is due. If this proves to be a financial hardship for your family, please reach out to one of our directors so we can work with you. 

Tuition Payment Options

Starting August 1st, you will be responsible for nine (9) tuition payments that will be due the first of every month from August 1 – April 1. We begin tuition payments in August, even though school does not start until September, so that we are able to purchase all materials/supplies necessary to offer your child the very best on his/her first day!

There are two ways you can pay tuition:

Annual Tuition: Families wishing to pay their child’s tuition upfront for the year will receive a 5% discount if paid in full by check or ACH number online only no later than August 1. Please note that families with siblings will not receive the additional sibling discount if opting for the annual payment discount. Checks should be mailed to Holy Cross Island School, 299 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island, SC 29492.

Set-Up Recurring Monthly Payments: Monthly tuition payments will only be accepted by establishing a scheduled payment with your debit/credit card on the Brightwheel online system. You must set this up ON or BEFORE August 1, so that it will process your first payment on August 1. Those paying monthly will incur a 3% processing fee if using a credit card. The system accepts Visa/MC, Discover & electronic check.

• The Annual Tuition rate, if paid by August 1, will result in a 5% discount. Annual Tuition MUST be paid by August 1 to receive this discounted rate.

• Annual Tuition discounts do not apply to the Extended Day Program.

• Families with multiple siblings will receive 10% of the lesser tuition. This discount does not apply to registration fees or extended day.

If you need to withdraw your child from the program for any reason, please give a 30-day written notice. This allows us ample time to fill the space being vacated by your child. You are responsible for paying tuition through the end of the 30-day notice. Pre-paid tuition will be refunded in a prorated amount, to the extent that the prepaid tuition covered a period of time beyond the 30-day notice. There is a 1 month tuition penalty for withdrawal after August 1st.

Brightwheel Help

For any issues within Brightwheel, please utilize their extensive Help Center articles and help requests. The typical response time is under a minute and the team is kind and courteous. This can be accessed from the Brightwheel app or webpage when you're logged in. Look for the purple chat icon. 

Help Center

Eddie Schroder

Director of Operations

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Eddie Schroder directly or call 843-883-3586 option 3.


Join the 2023-24 Waitlist

Join the 2023-24 Waitlist